[Overton]Helping Young Children Learn to Communicate

by Valerie Johnston, MS, CCC-SLP

Early intervention for children with delayed language is most successful when it involves not only the children, but also their families. This is because the daily interactions that take place between parents and their children during routine activities provide the best context for encouraging early communication and language development.

Most parents automatically talk and respond to their children in ways that facilitate language development. But children with language delays need much more exposure to this type of language stimulation than their peers who do not have language delays.

Developing an awareness of what you are already doing at an automatic level and how it helps your child develop language more easily will enable you find other times and places to interact with your child in the same way. The following articles will help you learn more about what types of interactions facilitate communication and language development in young children. With this knowledge you will be able to dramatically increase the effectiveness of your child's natural learning during your daily interactions with him.  

Interaction Styles That Help Young Children Learn to Communicate

Facilitating Language Development: How to Talk to Young Children


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