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Stuttering Foundation of America
3100 Walnut Grove Road, Suite 603
P.O. Box 11749
Memphis, TN 38111-0749
(800) 992-9392
(901) 452-3931 (fax)

This organization has wonderful information on stuttering that addresses all ages and the needs of parents. Their books and videos are inexpensive and well worth the cost. In addition, there is some good information about insurance coverage as it relates to stuttering that can be accessed directly from the web site.

Books especially recommended for parents:

If Your Child Stutters: A Guide for Parents
Stuttering and Your Child: Questions and Answers

The information in these books is very similar. The question and answer book is designed for parents who don't like to read. The questions also highlight the important information.

DVDs especially recommended for parents:

Stuttering and the Preschool Child: Help for Families
Stuttering and Your Child: A Videotape for Parents

Especially recommended for children:

Sometimes I Just Stutter (book)

This book is designed for parents to read with their children. Reading this book together provides a good way to talk with your child about stuttering.

Stuttering: For Kids, By Kids (DVD)

This 12 minute video features kids of all ages talking openly about their stuttering.  They discuss when their stuttering bothers them the most, how to deal with bullying and teasing, how to talk to people about stuttering, and more. 

Especially recommended for teens:

Do You Stutter: A Guide for Teens (book)
Do You Stutter: Straight Talk for Teens (DVD)

Especially recommended for adults:

If You Stutter: Advice for Adults (DVD)
Advice to Those Who Stutter (book)
Self-Therapy for the Stutterer (book)

This book is especially helpful if you are not able to get a qualified speech-language pathologist to help you.

American Speech-Language-Hearing Association
10801 Rockville Pike
Rockville, MD 20852
(800) 638-8255

This organization is the national certifying agency for speech-language pathologists. The web address above provides some very good information on stuttering and other speech and language disorders.

National Stuttering Association
119 West 40th Street, 14th Floor
New York, NY 10018
(800) 937-8888
(212) 944-8244 (fax)

This organization is a support group for people who stutter and their families. They publish a monthly newsletter that addresses the needs of both children and adults. They also publish a quarterly newsletter for parents of children who stutter and have numerous books regarding stuttering available on their website. These are especially recommended for parents:

Young Children Who Stutter: Information and Support for Parents
Bullying and Teasing: Helping Children Who Stutter

The National Stuttering Association also has local chapter meetings. The Fort Worth chapter offers support for adults and parents of children who stutter.  They meet each month during the school year at the Miller Speech and Hearing Center on the TCU campus.  For more information about this chapter, visit http://fortworthnsa.org.

The Dallas chapter meets at the UTD/Callier Center for Communication Disorders.

Friends - The Association of Young People Who Stutter
Lee Caggiano
38 South Oyster Bay Road
Syosset, NY 11791
(866) 866-8335

This organization is a support group for children who stutter and their families. They publish a newsletter specifically for children who stutter that comes out nine times a year. They also have a parent advocacy group.

Support Group for Children

Miller Speech and Hearing Clinic (on TCU campus)
3305 West Cantey
Fort Worth, TX 76109
(817) 257-7620

This support group is for children six and older meets one evening each month during the school year.   For more information contact Miller Speech and Hearing Clinic.

Mankato State University Stuttering Home Page


This site has a wealth of information on stuttering in general. It also has information specifically for children and teens. These portions of the Mankato State University stuttering home page can be accessed by using the general stuttering home page address above and then clicking on the icons in the bottom line of the chart that say "kids" or "teens". They can also be accessed by using the addresses below.

Just for kids: www.mnsu.edu/comdis/kuster/kids/kids.html

Just for teens: www.mnsu.edu/comdis/kuster/kids/teens.html

Stuttering Center of Western Pennsylvania


This organization is a joint venture of Children’s Hospital of Pittsburg and the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders at the University of Pittsburg. It contains a fairly comprehensive list of educational materials for parents of children who stutter.

Free Spirit Publishing
217 Fifth Avenue North, Suite 200
Minneapolis, MN 55401

(800) 735-7323

The following books deal with topics that are often related to stuttering and were recommended in the Stuttering Foundation of America’s publication, Stuttering: Straight Talk for Teachers. They deal with teasing and bullying, stress and self-esteem.


Books recommended for parents:


Sticks and Stones: 7 Ways Your Child Can Deal with Teasing, Conflict and Other Hard Times – by S. Cooper

This book is written for parents of children between the ages of 4 and 12.  It helps parents teach their children how to speak up for themselves, deal with bullies, counter peer pressure, and deal with fights among other things.

Good Friends are Hard to Find: Help Your Child Find, Make, and Keep Friends – by F. Frankel

This is a step-by-step guide for parents of children between the ages of 5 and 12.  It shows parents how to help their children make friends and deal with meanness whether it is their child who is being mean or not.

Books recommended for kids and teens:


Bullies Are a Pain in the Brain – by T. Romain

This book is designed for children between the ages of 8-13.  It mixes humor with practical suggestions to help both the child being bullied and the bully.

Stick Up for Yourself: Every Kid’s Guide to Personal Power and Positive Self-Esteem , revised – by G. Kaufman, L. Raphael, and P. Espeland

This book was written for children in grades 3 through 7 and provides real-life examples to help children build self-esteem, assertiveness skills, responsibility and healthy relationships.

Stress Can Really Get on Your Nerves!by T. Romain and E. Verdick

This book is written for children between the ages of 8 and13 and helps them understand and manage their stress.  It uses a mix of facts and humor and offers specific ways to deal with stress.

Fighting Invisible Tigers: A Stress Management Guide for Teens, revised – by E Hipp

Designed to be used with teens in grades 6 through 12, this book presents information on stress- and life-management.  It includes topics such as how to be assertive, build relationships, take risks, make decisions, deal with fears and use positive self-talk.  It also has a section (Self-Care for Tiger Bites) that offers immediate stress relief for teens who need this.

If you have questions or need more information you can contact me at:

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