Loans Daisy: loans with wings, even at home

Do you need a loan with wings? Run from Daisy one of the main Italian financial companies able to satisfy every type of financial and credit request , customized according to your financial needs and your ability to produce income and provide adequate guarantees.

Born in Genoa in 1986 , under the name Fine Financing, in 1996 it became Good Finance and in 2004, thanks to the enormous development of its commercial offers of great added value, it became a joint stock company: Daisy A true epochal turning point that has allowed this financial company to confront and assert itself with a competitive and highly demanding market: credit consumers are increasingly looking for loans and credit products , as well as insurance, of great convenience and quality. We see in this guide who this significant financial intermediary is and what range of products it is able to offer to the catchment area.


A financial company that provides a loan with wings

A financial company that provides a loan with wings

Thanks to a rich and articulated business model with the most valid and established partners, and a wide range of products, Daisy has proven to be competitive in the commercial network, it has the right numbers and dimensions to become over a few dominant years on the credit market.

The financial company was able to establish itself nationally thanks to excellent marketing and advertising strategies , to the attention paid to collaborators, employees, suppliers and customers, to the constant search for the best financial conditions, to the code of ethics adopted in the management of each relationship: transparency, reliability, quality and convenience are essential principles for Daisy.

All this translated into numbers turns into over 130,000 contacts managed in the last year with an increase of 140% over the previous year.


Customer focus and commercial offer

Aliprestito SpA: customer focus and commercial offer

The centrality of the customer does not represent a mere slogan or the statement of an abstract management principle for Daisy: it is a concrete commitment to which it has given depth through the creation of a series of internal and connected bodies to offer excellent support services. Daisy is able to provide various types of loans , through the provision of loans of various amounts and repayment methods.

The loans are aimed at employees and retirees and can be disbursed both as a support for the balance of debts and for the purchase of consumer goods . Daisy also offers the possibility of financing aimed at covering the expenses necessary for school and university training.

The services and the loans are provided following the principles of transparency and reliability , essential requirements to guarantee the protection and rights of its customers: industry experts are at your disposal for any doubt and request, in order to offer the best service and be satisfied with your loan.


Loans for employees, pensioners, protesters and online

Loan: loans for employees, pensioners, protesters and online

Here is the varied range of financial products able to meet the different needs of credit consumers:

  • loans to pensioners : with the assignment of the fifth , the amount will be withheld directly on the pension slip without any additional expense and you can easily be financed even if you have payment errors such as protests or registrations in central risks as a bad payer or if you have other loans in progress,
  • loans to public and ministerial employees : if you are a public or ministerial employee Daisy has structured for you two different types of financing, the salary assignment and the loan delegation.
    Loans to public and ministerial employees, if granted through the assignment of the fifth salary or delegated loan, in addition to being extremely convenient in terms of interest rate, are also very quick to obtain. You will be able to obtain an amount varying from 5,000 euros to euros, fixed rate and rate for the entire duration, reimbursements with deduction in payroll, customizable duration between 36 and 120 months, delivery amounts at home throughout Italy, fast delivery from acceptance with other ongoing loans,
  • loans to private employees : with amounts starting at € 5,000, private employees can be given a fifth and / or delegation of payment,
  • loans to protested only through the sale of the fifth for amounts varying between 5,000 and 50,000 euros,
  • fast and transparent loans with the fast fifth sale and online home loans for users who can submit the application from all over the Italian Peninsula.