Ranking of payday loans

Unfortunately, we live in such times that hardly anyone can afford to save money and put aside money for a “rainy day”. Most often, when a sudden breakdown of a car, RTV equipment or other unexpected expenditure occurs, we must use a loan or a loan from non-bank institutions. Unfortunately, we don’t always have sufficient creditworthiness to get a bank loan right away.

Obtaining a cash loan usually requires time and presentation of various certificates.

payday loan

On the other hand, taking payday loans is quick, it does not require certificates, and we have money on our account in a few minutes. Therefore, it is worth following the offers of various loan companies in order to know, where necessary, where you can take advantage of the promotion or, for example, a loan for zero USD . In January 2016, three companies providing payday loans via the Internet deserved our attention.

Bunga came first in our ranking. Although she does not grant loans for zero dollar to her new clients, she still earned in their eyes that she raised the limit of the first loan from USD 750 to USD 1,500. In addition, new customers liked the fact that regardless of the amount of money borrowed, with the first loan we will pay only 10 dollar. So by borrowing USD 1,500, the client will only have USD 1,510 to give away. It is also worth noting that the total repayment period of the loan was extended from 30 days to 60.

Bunga has offered its customers installment loans, ie spreading payday payments over a period of 12 months.

The limit for the first loan is $ 1,500, and for regular customers up to $ 3,000. Mimus came next in our rankings. This company has a very attractive offer for both new and regular customers. New customers can count on a loan of zero dollar. Steel, however, need not fear high commissions and fees associated with repayment or extension.

Here also Mimus pleasantly surprised its borrowers. The limit on the first loan is USD 3,000. To be able to apply for financial assistance in Mimus you must be at least 20 years old and no other debts that could appear in the debtors’ bases.

Non-bank instant payment

  • Up to USD 7,500
  • For up to 30 days
  • Up to USD 3,000 for free
  • Immediate decision

APRC for the first free loan is 0%, for the next 575.50% (representative example).


money loan

JustCredit finished last on the podium. The company offers a loan limit of up to USD 3,000 for new customers. The cost of the first payday loan is zero dollars, of course if we pay it back within the time limit specified in the contract. Otherwise, the company will charge additional costs for late repayment and there will be “threads” from the free loan.

In addition, JustCredit customers can still participate in the art competition in which a car and LCD TV are waiting for the winners. The conditions for granting a loan at JustCredit are similar to other companies offering payday loans, with the difference that here we will not be verified in the debtors’ databases.

Non-bank instant payment

  • Up to USD 5,000
  • Repayment time up to 30 days
  • Up to USD 3,000 for free
  • Cash on account up to 15 minutes

This is the payday ranking in January this year.

money loan

If we are in a difficult financial situation and we need to use this type of support, then it is worth getting acquainted with the details of loan offers. It’s best to use the more and more popular financial comparison websites on the Internet.

Thanks to them we will be up to date with all news and promotions offered by companies offering payday loans. It is worth following various rankings and lists, because you never know when we will have to use this type of financial support. However, it should be remembered that this type of loan should be the last resort, because, like any other liability, you will have to pay back, and it is very easy to fall into a spiral of debt, which will be difficult to get.