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Yes, we are almost in Easter and this year not everything will be fun and sunny. As you can see, the financial conditions have not been the best for Mexicans, so it seems useful to give you these Tips to save this Holy Week. It’s not about not going out, it’s about going out looking for ways to save.

Holy Week and Vacations in Mexico

Holy Week and Vacations in Mexico

The Holy Week starts on Sunday, March 25 and ends on the following Sunday, the 31st of the same month. However, this period is considered holiday and although it is not for everyone, it usually works like this:

  • School vacations: March 26 to April 8
  • Labor holiday: March 28 and 29

Although depending on the educational level and the work that each worker performs, these days may vary.

Tips to save this Holy Week

Tips to save this Holy Week

Like everything else, vacation packages and transportation increase in price during holidays, since it is considered high season and good if you make accounts, the trip or departure to any beach could be very expensive. That is why we offer you 5 Tips to Save this Holy Week so that when you return from the trip you will not be affected by the expenses.

Anticipate reservations

If you already know where you are going, you better anticipate hotel reservations. These dates are usually high season and the ability of hotels to be full. If you do not want to get last-minute rooms, which are not what you want at a suite price, it is best to book as soon as possible.

There are travel pages such as take off or Best day that can help you select your hotel. Even another viable option is Airbnb where you can rent apartments, houses and lofts at a very affordable price if you do it on time.

Take advantage of transportation discounts

Take advantage of transportation discounts

As every year, land transport companies offer their holiday season discounts:

  • 50% discount for students
  • 25% discount for teachers

Both must be identified before the railway service providers through the display of the current credential of the 2017-2018 school year.

It should be noted that discounts for people carrying their INSEN credentials are also active and that the three modalities apply to the number of seats that each company allocates for that purpose. Therefore it is essential to purchase your tickets in advance.

Use your discount cards

If you have discount cards such as:

  • ISIC Mexico World Joven discount card
  • University TDU discount card
  • Young Youth Discount Card

It is convenient that you take them with you, since they can offer you promotions and discounts in restaurants, hotels and transportation in many tourist sites both nationally and internationally. Discount travel cards are ideal for these dates Take them into account!

Reuse clothes and avoid souvenirs

Prioritize your expenses, what do you prefer? A good hotel or brand new swimsuit? A new experience or a great hotel? You can always omit some extras on the trip such as buying souvenirs, or acquiring new items such as; Swimwear, shoes, or items such as blockers or lenses.

Search vacation packages

Search vacation packages

The best way to save on a getaway in Holy Week is finally the purchase of vacation packages. Travel agencies (Online or physical) have agreements with hotels, airlines and land transportation that allows them to offer affordable prices if full services are contracted (hotel and transportation).

If this is your case, if you are going to use these two services, it is advisable to purchase them as a package and you can take advantage of promotions and discounts offered by these agencies when paying with different credit or debit cards.