Avery Anderson, director of athletics and cross country at UCLA, reinstated Weiland after a suspension, but protests later led to his firing.

The UCLA Black Student-Athlete Alliance released a statement that:

“UCLA was aware of a blatant incident of racism, homophobia, and sexism and has taken very minimal action regarding it. … We do not feel safe with this person on campus, and we demand that the UCLA athletics acted immediately and removed this student from the team.

Anderson responded to this and other objections by reversing his decision:

“It has become clear that his continued involvement in the team is incompatible with the culture of mutual support and respect that we encourage. I realize now that the decision to reinstate him was the wrong decision and today’s action is the best for the well-being of our team.

UCLA professors have also been the subject of investigations and protests over their private speech or their class politics denounced as racist. A professor is currently suing UCLA.

There are no such protests or actions against Perkins’ hateful and racist comments.